lager than life

a crisp american style lager, made with high quality australian & international ingredients. brewed in melbourne.

slight bitterness, refreshing ice cold, golden in colour. 

4.5% / 1.4 standard drinks


Made with Crystal Rock Salt from South Australia's beaches, Crystal Ale has a creamy mouth feel, crisp hop aroma & crystal rock salt bitterness to finish.

Tastes like beer, feels like the ocean. brewed in melbourne.

5.3% / 1.6 standard drinks


This is the beer to drink when you don’t want to discuss the beer you’re drinking. A good, clean, crisp lager.

Dana Whyte - Clever Little Tailor

Apart from a super stylish can, it’s aptly just a lager drinker’s lager. Fresh, crispy and easy on the taste buds.

Ash Wilson - Sunny's Pizza